Peat moss allows for proper root growth by loosening and aerating soils. Peat moss helps to absorb and retain water regulating moisture and air around plant roots for ideal growing conditions. Peat adds body to sandy soil and loosens clay soils.



Aurora Peat Products’s products are ideal for clean up, removal and transportation of contaminated materials and containment of spills. Peat moss has the ability to absorb and encapsulate oils, solvents, diesel fuel, gasoline and other organic chemicals. Peat moss passes EPA requirements for land filling.  Peat moss improves soil conditions after a cleanup. Peat moss is easy to use and absorbs more than its own weight.  Peat moss is non-leaching.  Holds on to a spill or mess for transportation to approved landfill sites.



Peat moss as an absorbent has been used in many applications including:

  • Spill cleanup and initial response
  • Oil battery clean up and site preparation
  • Transportation of contaminated materials – solidify liquids for transportation to waste disposal sites
  • Soil remediation
  • Pipeline breaks
  • Emergency response



Peat moss makes excellent Horse Bedding.  Great for horses with respiratory, foot or allergy conditions. It has excellent absorbency and superior odor control and produces less waste volume that straw and shavings. Very easy to maintain and keep clean.