Aurora Peat Products harvesting activities are carried out in a manner that minimizes risk to the environment. Our peat bogs are harvested in northern Alberta and shipped to our plant in Edmonton for packaging. This allows for superior quality control from start to finish ensuring a superior product. In preparing a peat bog, the surface is cleared and a perimeter ditch is dug and drained to the low side of the bog. Shallow ditches are then dug parallel to the perimeter ditch allowing the surface to dry.  The fields between the parallel ditches are then profiled so that rain water will drain to ditches. The sun and wind are required to dry the top surface of the peat bog. The fields are then harrowed to enhance this drying process. After the peat is dry it is collected using a vacuum harvester and piled to reduce moisture absorption. The peat is then hauled to our plant in Edmonton, screened and packaged.  From this point we ship to our customers.